4 Tips To Help You Get Pregnant Naturally

You're trying for a baby but no matter what you do you just can't seem to get pregnant naturally. That can put a strain on your relationship with your partner which in itself will not help you to conceive so it is normal that you should think of investigating why that should be.

Before we go into the details did you know that statistically if you are under 35 then you only have a 17% chance of having a baby if you have intercourse at the right time in your cycle. At the end of a year 80% of couples under 35 do end up conceiving and of the remainder 10% will manage to conceive within 2 years. The remaining 10% will not be able to conceive without some assistance.

As you get older the chance of you being able to get pregnant naturally will decline. Those women under 40 will have an 8% chance of conception, if you're over 40 and under 45 then that percentage drops to 3.5% and for over 45's the chance is just 0.5%. You can therefore see that age can be major barrier in your quest to get pregnant naturally.

Common reasons for not being able to conceive:

Female issues:

1. Sporadic ovulation frequency or no ovulations
2. Tubal obstruction
3. Fibroid, polyps or adhesions on the Uterus

Male issues: e.g.

1. Low sperm count
2. Unusually shaped sperms
3. Inability for sperms to move spontaneously and actively

The third category is essentially an unknown category as in some cases it is possible for both parties not to suffer from any of the issues above yet they still find it impossible to conceive.

The good news is that despite the statistics above and even the issues highlighted it is still possible to have children so today is not the day to stop trying for a baby. We can therefore look at a few tips that will help you to conceive and have a baby.

One of the things that you should consider is what foods you are eating when you are trying to get pregnant naturally.

For example caffeine can cause your chances of conceiving being cut in half which when you consider the numbers already mentioned can be quite a large amount. A simple tip is therefore to stop drinking coffee, black tea and carbonated drinks that contain caffeine whilst you are trying to conceive.

Other food sources to keep an eye on are eggs, meats and dairy products. The simple tip here is to go organic so that you know that none of the foods have had any contact with any chemicals which may affect your chances of having a baby.

Another great tip is to give up alcohol whilst you are trying to get pregnant. You will know what happens when you have too much alcohol so naturally the same thing affects sperm which results in the sperm not being as viable as what would otherwise be the case. In women alcohol can imbalance the hormones on your body which doesn't help when you need your body to be functioning at its maximum to have the conditions right for conception.

4 Top Tips To Help You Get Pregnant Naturally

4 Top Tips To Help You Get Pregnant Naturally

Are you confused about why you don't seem to be able to get pregnant? Are you searching for ways to get pregnant naturally? Are you, in fact, desperate to get pregnant? Are you worried that others are able to get pregnant when nothing is happening in that department for you?

Well you have come to the right place! If you want to get pregnant naturally, just read on and follow the simple guidelines…..I have listed below the top 4 tips for you to follow if you want to get pregnant naturally.

The list is by no means an exhaustive one and is presented purely as a guide for those who unfortunately are finding it difficult to conceive and really want to get pregnant naturally. There could be numerous reasons why you have not yet fallen pregnant. Don't despair and certainly don't immediately jump to the conclusion that there is something wrong with either you or your partner.

1. Staying Healthy – What about that Cup of Coffee?

Well we have to get this one out of the way first. It's pretty obvious that you need to get as healthy as possible prior to getting pregnant – then you need to stay as healthy as possible during your pregnancy. It is always prudent to ensure that you are keeping to a healthy and nutritious diet.

Vitamin C is worth special consideration however. Taking some vitamin C supplements when you are trying to get pregnant would be a sensible move. Just don't overdo it since too much vitamin C could hinder the process of conception by causing the cervical fluid to dry up. Now we do not want that to happen.

So what about that cup of coffee?

This is an easy one. If you are really serious about having babies then stop drinking coffee whilst you are trying to get pregnant. Simple as that! I know it sounds a bit harsh, especially if you are hooked on your shot of coffee but it is sound advice. Unfortunately it is difficult to find definitive evidence one way or the other about the problems associated with drinking coffee and getting pregnant.

The debate goes on. However, there are many authoritative studies that claim drinking coffee whilst trying to get pregnant could delay the process in some women. On that basis there is enough evidence to support the view that the best way forward for any woman trying to get pregnant is to quit drinking coffee. Not a great sacrifice to have to make – is it?

2. Timing Is Everything – or Is It?

You will have heard about trying to “time” your sex to increase your chances of getting pregnant. You know, taking temperature measurements and predicting ovulation so as to have sex the week prior to ovulation. Also there is the one about the woman being “on top” during intercourse.

There are loads more of these “old wives tales” and some will have more validity than others. All it seems to achieve is an element of confusion and even stress and anxiety. My advice is not to get “hung up” by all these theories and go with the old adage that the more sex the better!

The aim is to avoid stress so have as much sex as you can without causing stress to you or your partner. Be mindful of the fact that stress can be a detrimental health factor and there is evidence that it can decrease fertility – more on stress later.

Therefore you and your partner need to put a bit of constructive thought into how you can keep the sex interesting and enjoyable. I'm sure I can leave you to sort that one out. However as soon as the sex becomes a chore for either of you the stress levels will become elevated and that is what we are trying to avoid

3. We Need to Get a Bit Technical Now

Let's talk lubricants and I'm not talking about car maintenance! Many of you will be using lubricants during intercourse and indeed I'm sure many will be thinking that by doing so it will help the process. Well, unfortunately this is not always the case.

Some over-the-counter lubricants are not conducive to getting pregnant and will, in some instances, damage the sperm. This must not happen. Make sure that when you purchase the lubricant you read the label carefully and ensure the product is specifically formulated and designed not to be harmful in any way to the sperm.

Whilst we have touched on the subject of the sperm we need to make a few things clear. You should be taking some simple but effective measures to nurture and protect the sperm! Make him wear boxers so as to keep everything nice and loose! You know what I mean. Make sure he takes showers and avoids hot baths from now on in.

Actually you need to ensure he keeps heat away from his groin region so his MacBook resting on his lap is not recommended. We are trying everything possible to avoid instances where the sperm count could be lowered in any way at all.

4. Don't Get Stressed!

Easier said than done – I know! I am not one of those annoying people who glibly tell you not to get stressed or not to worry. Of course, from time to time we all get stressed out and there will often be anxiety and worry about not being able to get pregnant naturally again this month! All this is normal.

My advice is to minimize these stressful episodes as much as possible. Perhaps the best way to deal with these types of problems is to recognize and acknowledge that they do happen and are a normal part of life. Having recognized the problem you must set about a pro-active regime of coping with any of these issues as they arise.

Take time out to relax, you could start by listening to more music, reading one of your favorite books again (a kind of comfort thing) or even watching an old film with your partner. In essence you need to set aside more time for yourself and your partner. It is often called – me time.

Any of these activities will help you to manage stress, anxiety and worry but it will only happen if you are positive in your approach. Don't let worry and anxiety creep up and hijack you!!!

I suspect you have done quite a bit of research on this topic of trying to get pregnant naturally. You will understand the tips I have given to you are not new or unique, you may have heard about them or seen them written down somewhere else.

However they are a genuine offering to anyone unfortunate enough to have had problems getting pregnant. I understand your frustration and confusion, my wife and I have been there just like you. In your darker moments, when you think there is no chance that you will ever get pregnant, do not despair. We felt the same way, but we were lucky enough to discover help that actually worked for us and my wife was able to get pregnant naturally almost immediately.

4 Top Tips To Help You Get Pregnant Naturally - Why Can't I Get Pregnant Naturally?

These Guidelines Can Help Getting Pregnant Naturally

Getting pregnant naturally is not as easy as you think. On average the likelihood of unprotected sex leading to pregnancy is about 3-5%. Those aren't very good odds. For some, getting pregnant naturally occurs easily. For others, it can become quite challenging and even cause significant friction within the relationship. If you are having difficulties getting pregnant naturally, here are some ideas that may help you.

1. Know your menstrual cycle:

You want to be sure to have sex on a few days leading ovulation and the day you are ovulating. These days are right in the middle of your last and upcoming period. A typical menstrual cycle, the number of days from the start of one period to the beginning of another, is 28 days although it can range anywhere between 23 to 35 days.

Once you have that number, then it is easy to get a good estimate on when you will be ovulating. Simply divide your menstrual number by 2 and count off that number on a calendar once you begin your period. If for example, your menstrual cycle is 28 days then you more than likely will be ovulating on the 14th day after you begin your period.

To increase your chance of getting pregnant naturally you should plan on having sex on the 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th days after you start your period (maybe even the 16th day for good luck). Sperm can survive up to 72 hrs (3 days) swimming around waiting for your egg to drop into the uterus. This is why it is important to have sex on the few days before you are ovulating. Since it is also not an exact science, you are leaving a little room for error.

2. Know your body:

Your body is amazing and will actually give you clues when you are ovulating, the prime time to get pregnant. First of all, your body temperature will actually increase right after your egg is released from the ovary. If you track your basal body temperature you will be able to pick out this time when your temperature rises by at least.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

You may also notice, as your hormone levels increase, that your breasts are a little swollen or tender or you might experience some spasms or pain in your lower back as your egg is released and dropping into the uterus. You might find that you may be more emotional or even just have a higher libido than normal.

Your body has dropped an egg that needs sperm to be fertilized and it is doing everything it can to let you know that it is ready for sex. See if you can notice the physical changes the next time you are ovulating then it will become easier in the future.

3. Save the kinky sex for days when you are least likely to get pregnant

You are giving the sperm the best shot possible of fertilizing your egg when you have sex in the missionary position (man on top). Gravity is your friend and you need every advantage possible on your path to get pregnant naturally. If you have sex standing up or you are on top your partner, sperm has an uphill swim to get to your egg.

Do what you can to make it easy for them. Once your partner has an orgasm, have him stay in you for a few minutes (make sure you have an orgasm as well as the contractions help move the sperm along!). When you are done, elevating your hips with a pillow for about 20 minutes will continue to help the sperm on their mission.

4.Do everything you can to reduce stress

Get plenty of exercise, besides sex. Eat a healthy, diet, stay hydrated and possibly take some supplements to aid in the process. Do everything you can to bring your body into top shape. Not only will you feel better about yourself but your body is an amazing machine and you want to make sure it is in top form to conceive a child.

You may even want to begin to get into a mediation practice if you aren't already. Meditation is a great stress reliever and a lifelong journey. Try visualizing the sperm successfully fertilizing the egg and leading to a healthy baby. Simply picture it in your mind during your mediation. The results may surprise you!

5. Get your partner out of the tighty whitey underwear and into boxers or none at all.

Tight underwear tends to overheat sperm which could lead to infertility issues. You also might have him check with a nutritionist regarding zinc supplements. A lack of zinc can reduce testosterone levels and zinc supplements have been shown to increase sperm count and fertility.

6. Don't try too hard

Sex is supposed to be fun! Try to make it as romantic as possible and enjoy the intimacy with your partner. Do everything you can to have an optimistic outlook throughout the process. You may even want to borrow a fertility statue from a friend who successfully got pregnant (hey, it's worth a shot!). Remember, you are on a great journey that leads to one of life's most rewarding experiences.

Hopefully you will find these guidelines helpful. Probably the most important one of all, which goes without saying, is to be sure to have lots of sex! 3 times per week should be the minimum but even more during the week you are ovulating. Enjoy the ride on your venture to getting pregnant naturally!