5 Safety Tips To Buy Baby Changing Table

There are quite a number of baby changing tables on the market today. Since changing diapers is an unavoidable task, a changing table is probably one of the most important pieces of furniture new parents should consider for the nursery.

Sometimes changing diapers, can really be frustrating because of all the mess. Frequently bending your back to change diapers, can also give you severe back pain. You may use changing pad, but continuously bending knees and moving here and there could be a tiresome task.

A baby changing table is of great use as you can easily change the diapers just by standing in one place. Moreover, these tables come with different shelves so you can easily store the baby’s stuff like powders, medicines, cotton pads, etc.

Factors to keep in mind before buying baby changing table:

Before buying a table, you should consider the following factors as given below:

1. The most important factor in choosing a baby changing table is the tables sturdiness. According to the Nemours Foundation, an organization dedicated to improving the health of children, parents should examine the tables construction very carefully, particularly if considering the folding style changing tables.

If the table is flimsy without much support, its a very good chance that it will not bare the constant use of changing diapers. For all types of tables it is important to check for sharp edges and any exposed fasteners such as nails or large furniture staples.

2. All tables should be equipped with guardrails and safety straps to keep the baby secure. There are many varieties of changing tables. There are standalone tables as well as combination crib and dresser changing tables. There is a changing table to fit any size room and budget. Whichever is chosen it is important to remember that the baby’s safety comes first.

3. The changing tables base should be wide enough to prevent being pulled over. Though changing diapers is not a complicated procedure, it can be a rather hectic one. Having to reach out for a misplaced diaper or any other changing supplies can cause a table to tip over if it is accidentally bumped. Having a wide base can prevent this from happening. Its a good idea to choose a table that has shelves or compartments where supplies can be stored at hands reach.

4. Choose a changing table that is proportionate to your height. A new parent will change thousands of diapers. Experienced parents know what an excruciating task this can be. Make sure that the table is the right height for both parents. The tables width should be wide enough for the baby to fit comfortable. The table top should also include a changing pad to separate the baby from the hard surface of the table.

5. Make sure that the baby furniture changing table you purchase conforms with all regulatory agencies. Recently in California a number of baby furniture manufacturers have been sued for not complying with the state’s anti toxic laws. It seems that these manufacturers have been accused of selling products that contain a high level of formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and can be found in plywood, particle board, and paint. Infants can be at risk by breathing this noxious gas. Check with the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association or the North American Security Standards if you are uncertain.

Baby changing tables can make the task of changing diapers a lot easier. These five tips should make choosing the right changing table more informative. The most important thing to remember when choosing any product for your baby is their safety.

Top Brands That Offer Best baby Changing Tables

You have a wide array of options available in the market in finding the best baby changing tables for your baby’s nursery. However, having all these options may also start to make you feel overwhelmed since all of them may claim that they’re the best in the market. Sources cited that a baby can use around 6000 diapers at the minimum in three-year times. Just imagine using the changing table for even half of these instances.

It emphasizes the importance of finding the best baby changing tables in the market to ensure durability and your baby’s safety. Several reviews also cited the top 3 brands in the market that can be considered as the best baby replacing desks.

1. The first brand is DaVinci, specifically the Jenny Lind Changer. This model made by DaVinci is a changing table made with traditional or classic design that will surely duplicate what you nursery room needs.

It includes shelves and bracket for support. One of the best features of this item is its price. You’ll get all of these and other items for a price of $100. Without a doubt, this product can capture the hearts of parents who are looking for the most affordable option but will still give them the characteristics they’re looking for.

2. The next popular brand that can give a lot of beautiful features for you is the Badger Basket. The model is the Espresso Changing Table. This company has been making a lot of different baby furnishings that will match your needs. The Espresso Changing Table is one of its best offering because of having a storage shelf for a very affordable price of around $109. Stock Aspen Changing Table is also known because of its sleigh design. It has a good storage area for different items and sold at a price around $149.

The benefit of choosing this design is it has two locations where you can place towel or clothing. Stock craft gained these positive feedbacks coming from clients not only because of its price but also with how they’ve been made to be easy to install. It will last for a long time because of its materials. What you just need to do is to look for them in the market.

3. Stokee Care Changing Table is also considered to be among the best baby changing tables you can find in the market. It has an hour-lass design that will help people move properly and better with their situation. For safety, this product has secured wheels that can be locked and ensure your baby’s safety.

However, compare to the brand mentioned above, Stokke’s changing able may cost more reaching up to round $400. Regardless of the price, this product will surely give people the flexibility, design and durability that will surely work on your preferences. The good thing about replacing desks is they can be transformed in various things in the future like a desk. The Babi Italia Eastside can be converted into the new table.

Apart for desks, there are also the best baby changing tables that can be converted to other items. For example, there are the replacing desks that can be used dresser. It has drawers and spaces that will be suitable for kids. This will be helpful for people who are looking for a good storage area for clothing.

Apart from the design, the finest baby changing tables should have top quality construction or built while giving you the edge when it comes to the materials used for durability. Before you purchase among these best brands, make sure to start comparing them first because to ensure you’ll get the ones you’re looking for to receive the best value. Choose those with the best constructor, sturdy materials, beautiful design and safety straps. Research online to find the idea ones for your needs together with several guides that will help you during installation.

Where To Buy Baby Changing Table?

You can buy baby changing table either online from Amazon or from the nearby store. You can select according to the room furniture. It should be portable and easy to carry. Eventually, you will realize the utility of the changing table.

Save Your Money With Used Changing Tables

Ase you’ve read above, you may find the price of baby changing tables are high and not affordable for many, so you’ll find how many new parents would settle for used alternatives. Getting used baby furnishings will also help you find the ideal one for your baby faster because of all the available options.

As you search around for used tables, you’ll notice how many people offer them in the market because many parents sell them after several years. Once the baby grows up, he or she will not find it useful so parents will put them on sale or have it traded.

If you’re looking for the best used changing tables you can get, one of the best locations to find for them is a store that offers various used furniture. You’ll find a lot of used changing tables that will meet your style preferences and of course your budget. However, you are expected to do several works on the purchased item.

Cleaning is among them as you may not want to let your baby use an unclean furnishing. But with its price, you’ll definitely have a budget that you can use in buying other baby’s needs like change pads and others. These used tables for babies can also be purchased online as many people would sell them on online stores as their personal selling page.

Upon purchasing used baby changing tables, you must also check them for possible cosmetic scratches as some may have minor problems while others will require repainting. Some may need you to do repainting. Don’t forget to find the used ones but still have the quality that will keep your bay safe all the time. Getting these tables will surely help you save money while meeting all the things needed by your baby.

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